In order to choose an appropriate duvet one must keep a series of factors in mind, such as the climate we live in, the type of filling or its grammage.

At Masias Maquinaria, we specialise in implementing automatic quilt and duvet production lines with the most advanced direct feeding (lapping) or carded filling technologies, whether using synthetic, natural or artificial fibres.

Our automation processes in the production of quilts and duvets combine the flexibility and grammage of the fibres with high productivity, from the opening of the fibres to the packaging of the end product. We thus ensure maximum quality in the quilt or duvet in order to respond to the demands of the different consumers.

We integrate any type of quilting depending on the specifications of our clients’ products.

Possible types of fibers for filling


  • Lapping technology
  • Carding Technology
  • Comfort Line

This is an innovative, compact technology based on creating a pad of fibres or microfibres using air. The advantage of the direct feeding system is the variety of fibres it can process, such as lapping fibre clusters, as well as the simplicity of operation and the accessibility to the equipment.

These quilt and duvet production lines can be synchronised with any type of quilter, whether multi-needle of ultrasonic.

We can obtain pads from 60g/m2 that can be adjusted according to the requirements of the final product.

Explanatory video Airlay Technology quilts

The quilt and duvet production lines work continuously starting with the fibre clusters and synchronising with any type of quilter or ultrasonic equipment after the process of carding the fibre. The frequent stops to change the roll of wadding are thus eliminated and from the start of the line to the packaging of the products their maximum quality is ensured, with production prices lower than those of the usual processes.

Explanatory video carding technology quilts

Masias Maquinaria ha patentat un nou sistema de producció de nòrdics i coixins amb la mateixa línia. Es tracta d’un sistema d’alimentació directe, on es pot escollir si es fabriquen coixins enrotllats, nòrdics o fins i tot tapes de matalàs.

Aquest sistema permet donar molta versatilitat i flexibilitat als nostres clients no només alhora de modificar el tipus de producte que s’està fabricant sinó també a l’hora de decidir quin tipus de fibres (també barreges) o teixits que s’utilitzaran per fer aquest producte.

Aquesta línia tant compacta i completa l’hem anomenat Comfort Line ja que permet fabricar molts tipus diferents de productes destinats al confort de la llar amb una mateixa tecnologia.


Explanatory video Comfort Line

Finished product