The mattress is the foundation for good rest. Mattresses are basic comfort products that are made up of various layers which are what determine the quality of rest. Each layer has a specifically determined function:

This is the top part that guarantees the user’s comfort. Its composition varies according to the mattress model and the user’s preferences.

This provides uniformity and uniform comfort.

Their main purpose is to provide protection from springs in the case of hard felts, or to lower costs in the case of soft felts.


A mattress pad can also be added for extra comfort.

Masias Maquinaria technology enables the manufacture of all these parts (except no. 4) within all quality ranges. This permits a broad array of felts or mattress panels to be manufactured from multiple high quality materials, such as Tencel, or from recycled materials from the very same production remnants.

Possible Filling types of fibers


  • Mattress Panels
  • Mattress Felts
  • Recycling the mattress

This is the part that has the greatest bearing on the comfort and appearance of the mattress. Our speciality is obtaining high quality mattress panel through variable blends of fill materials such as polyester fibres, cut foam, and recycled remnant materials from the same mattress panel production. The star equipment in this manufacturing process is the crosslapper that uses Airlay technology to form a pad from these materials and directly feeds it into any type of multi-needle quilter, thereby avoiding the traditional use of rolls of wadding.

Explanatory video quilt layer

We specialise in the installation of complete felt and wadding production lines adapted to the mattress market. Our lines have the capacity to blend different raw materials (natural, synthetic, or recycled) and to obtain a broad range of felts and wadding with varying densities according to their future use within the mattress.

The capacity of these lines can reach up to 2,000 kg/h in felt production, and up to 1,500 kg/h in wadding production.

  • Fully automatic felt production line with blending and direct feeding system
  • hopper feeder or fiber loader and opener for wadding production line
  • needle punch for coconut felts manufacturing line by Masias Maquinaria
  • direct feeding system for coconut felt manufacturing by Masias Maquinaria
  • direct feeding system production for blending of coconut and polyester fiber by Masias Maquinaria
  • fiber blending for a coconut felt production line by Masias Maquinaria
  • felt cut recovery with a defibering machine
  • cocount felts cooling system
  • felts production lines with direct feeding system
Explanatory video Felts for mattress

We have equipment at our disposal specially designed to cleanly cut pieces of foam or viscoelastics contained in mattresses in order to reintroduce them into the production processes of top quality fill material.

The majority of mattress factory waste is connected to the quilting process. Our mattress shredder allows us to recycle all this waste, whether it be remnants or covers with manufacturing defects.

  • defibering machine and foam cutting machine by Masias Maquinaria
  • defibering machine to recover our quilted production scraps
  • defibering machine and foam cutting machine
  • recovery of mattress selvedges with Masias maquinaria defibering macine
  • felts defibering machine to recover them
  • defibering machine for felts and wadding recovery
  • defibering machine for quilted selvedges recuperation and recovery as fiberfill
  • quilts defibering to recover the fiberfill and reuse it again
  • foam scraps
  • foam cutting machine
  • foam cutting machine
Explanatory video Materials recuperation

Finished product