We know that feeling comfortable is essential, anywhere, at any time, and in any conditions. Masias Maquinaria not only provides comfort to home products, it is also involved in fibre processing for jackets and outdoor clothing, to provide that feeling of freedom and not have to worry about the weather, which is what everyone wants.

With Masias Maquinaria technology we can obtain very low weight fillings (from 30g/m2 to 100g/m2), in the form of softly thermobonded pads for the production of sports jackets, sleeping bags and technical clothing for the outdoors. These special lightweight fibre fillings maintain the consumer’s body temperature and humidity and are highly comfortable.

Raw materials

Creation of fillings for Outdoors

Fibre and microfibre pads are an alternative filling to feather and replace the individual channel fillings with which jackets are normally produced. This facilitates the production of these special outdoor products and makes the process more economical, thereby improving their original insulation characteristics.

  • Direct feeding system for quilts manufacturing
  • Direct feeding machine with quilter
  • thin insulations or pads
  • ultrasound welding for quilts
  • ultrasound welding for home textiles
  • fiberfill for quilts or mattress panels
  • direct feeding machine SAD of Masias Maquinaria
Explanatory video Outdoor clothing

Finished product