Everyone is interested in avoiding the waste of production process remnants, as this generates two problems: firstly, an economic problem, because the quantity of high quality raw materials is dwindling, and secondly, an environmental problem, whereby waste is being generated that must be properly managed, which generates more costs.

Within this framework, Masias Maquinaria has designed specialised equipment to recover production waste, such as remnants of mattress covers or offcuts from felt lines, as well as foam remnants. This waste recycling equipment enables this material, which would otherwise be waste, to be treated so that it can be placed back into the production system, thus optimising 100% of the raw materials without line waste.

Raw materials

Recycling Lines

  • Foam recycler
  • Textile waste shredding

The RECYFOAM foam cutting machine is designed to cut pieces of foam, viscoelastics, or latex with the purpose of using them to fill products or to recover and reuse waste from the production of said materials and reintroduce it into the process.

  • foam cutting machine
  • foam cutting machine
  • defibering machine and foam cutting machine
Explanatory video Foam recycler

The DF shredder is designed to shred and recycle all kinds of needle-punched materials, felts, non-woven materials and other waste material resulting from the production of quilts, duvets, and mattresses.

  • defibering machine to recover our quilted production scraps
  • recovery of mattress selvedges with Masias maquinaria defibering macine
  • felts defibering machine to recover them
  • defibering machine for felts and wadding recovery
  • defibering machine for quilted selvedges recuperation and recovery as fiberfill
  • quilts defibering to recover the fiberfill and reuse it again
Explanatory video Shredding

Finished product