Masias Maquinaria is a company with over 75 years of experience in developing technologies for the treatment of fibres in the textile sector, exclusively dedicated to manufacturing equipment and implementing textile production lines designed to provide the best possible solutions for the treatment and filling of all types of fibres, so that we can assist our clients in improving and enhancing their production systems.

Masias Maquinaria’s DNA is based on innovation and the search for the most appropriate solutions for each client. These synergies have enabled us to become experts in delivering turnkey projects in industry sectors such as comfort fabric, non-woven fabric, production waste recycling, and in recent years, in the production of fillings for the garment sector.


To inspire our customers with new technology so that they can produce better and more comfortable textile products for the consumer as efficiently as possible by designing, manufacturing and delivering turnkey projects of unique fibrefill equipment, as well as producing finished products.


To be the key partner for our customers in terms of fibrefill technologies.


  • Innovation

  • Proactivity

  • Rigor

  • Commitment



At Masias Maquinaria we value people highly, because customer satisfaction depends on our team. That is why we are aware that the value chain begins with the people working for the company. We know that the success of the brand and, in general, the business, is closely linked to the people who work for us and grow within the company That is why we dedicate so much effort to attracting, retaining, and developing the talents of those people who want to form a part of this family.

Alan Amer


Sonia Ortiz


Gerard Auguet


Sergi Teixidó


Patrícia Masias

Management & Sales

Albert Arrebola


Ramón Torrent

After sales

Javi Tudela

Technical & Startup

Abel Escobar

Technical & Startup

Clara Sansalvadó

Reserch and Development

Lluís Masias

Reserch and Development

Joan Terricabras

Reserch and Development - Laboratory

Toni Chia

Automation & Control

Dani Ruiz

Automation & Control

Nitika Punni

After sales and spare parts

Judit Goméz


Marta Callís



The design of new products, minimising environmental impact.
The identification of our clients’ needs and compliance with demands to ensure their full satisfaction.
Supply of the resources necessary in the management of quality involving all personnel from the company as well as our collaborators.
Implementation of a detection, correction, prevention and continuous quality and environmental impact improvement system
Advancement in the continuous improvement of the management system implemented
Compliance with legislation and other applicable requisites in relation to quality and the environment, ensuring sustainable growth with the environment.
Strengthening and capitalising on the technical and human resources, fostering the internal career plans and ensuring the loyalty of its employees and collaborators.
The social reinvestment of a part of the profit obtained in Masias Maquinaria SL’s activity.
A review of this policy and objectives on a regular basis and any time required by Masias Maquinaria SL, legislation or the company